We are a local, well established business with over 40 years of experience in optometry.

Our team of dedicated professionals are known for their quality of service and will  provide you with care and the attention to detail you deserve.

In addition to providing you with Eye Tests, Glasses and Contact Lenses our highly qualified staff can also offer the following specialist services:

MECS - minor eye condition scheme. This is for certain eye issues including red eye and flashes and floaters. 

CATARACT REFERRALS - this is for people who have a cataract which has developed enough to be considered for surgery. This appointment will determine this and arrange the next step. 

GLAUCOMA REFERRAL REFINEMENT SCHEME - When high pressure inside the eye is detected a referral is made initially to a GRRS optometrist to decide if a referral to the eye department is required. 

DRY EYE CONSULTATION - Dry eye has many causes, is very varible in its degree and there are many treatment options.

MYOPIA CONTROL - This is a relatively new field and it is about helping reduce the amount of change in shortsightedness so when a child stops growing, they will be less myopic, than they would have been by conventional treatment.


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